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Are you in need of marine canvas sewing? Is the canvas on your boat old and weathered, or needing a change of color? Would you like a custom canvas cover?  If the answer to either one of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. Allsew is capable of fabricating or repairing practically any item in use on a boat, from tops to covers to furniture.

Allsew Maine also fabricates and repairs interior and exterior marine upholstery. Generally, Allsew Maine uses woven fabrics, of which there is a mind-boggling selection; exterior upholstery generally uses vinyl or textilene coverings. Textilene is a woven and knit PVC coated polyester fabric and it offers strength, breathability and flame resistance which is crucial for marine projects. Common uses are boat cushions, boat covers, awnings and many more.

Allsew Maine is a one man operation. With experience in a wide range of manufacturing and fabrication environments, and a talent for improvisation, I am uniquely qualified to tackle an enormous variety of projects, ranging from repairs to outright fabrications on residential, commercial and both recreational and commercial marine sewing needs. Having between approximately fifteen to sixteen years experience does not make me the best in the world, but I have worked with some of the best and can tell the difference between good and poor quality work.

I use the best materials and techniques available to me and work hard to make sure my customers come away with the best product possible for the most reasonable price. I am also known for refusing to do work I think is unnecessary, preferring to have an educated customer who knows they have not been taken advantage of. I take pride in working with my customers to ensure that they have a clear picture of the work to be done, its costs and the time it will take to complete the job. If you intend to have your vessel in the water by a particular time, practicality demands scheduling work so your enjoyment is not curtailed.

If you are in need of custom marine canvas sewing please contact Allsew here.



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